What we do

Hamersley Agriculture is a fully vertically integrated, large scale food, beverage and energy business supplying high quality, branded dairy and beef products from Australian paddocks to Asian and Chinese plates.

  • We unlock synergies given the integrated nature of the operations, re-processing all waste into bio energy, and recycling all water.
  • Located in Western Australia, we benefit from significant competitive advantages of location, environment, land and market proximity.
  • Hamersley Agriculture has utilised the PwC Total Operating Model and Huxley Enterprise Optimiser platform to act as a blueprint for the business.
  • Hamersley Agriculture is Australian owned and will invest over $1 billion into Western Australia with funding from Australia and around the world.

What we believe

Our vision

To satisfy Asia’s growing appetite for sustainably produced high quality West Australian food.

Our mission

To build Australia’s first completely sustainable, fully integrated beef, dairy and clean energy business. To harness innovation, technology and scale to deliver trustworthy high quality West Australian food products at affordable price points for the Asian middle class. To develop a fully integrated supply chain to assure the quality of our produce.

Our values


The most isolated state in Australia with purity of air, water, soil and environment creating trustworthy products


Harnessing technology and innovation for efficiency and lowest possible environmental footprint


Environmentally and socially responsible business with paddock to plate traceability and the highest standards of animal welfare


Created by farmers with decades of experience in farming and animal husbandry in Western Australia